White paper



ESTATEin is developing the next generation decentralized platform for global Real estate investments and has conceived different strategies and plans for any type of investor from any part of world to invest in Global Real Estate, free of risk with advantageous and positive returns underlying the Blockchain technology. Real estate business has a range of varieties which include many type of investments whether investments in buying/selling of different properties, construction or investments in development infrastructure. But any type of investment in Real estate business will require a reasonable capital to invest; otherwise the common individual cannot take part in Real estate business except to become an agent. Two basic features of real estate assets which differs the real estate from others are heterogeneity and immobility. These two factors make the real estate market to be illiquid, localized, and segmented, and it encompasses relatively high transaction costs. Hence ESTATEin researchers and ESTATEin team having Real Estate business background and experience of many years, along with the cryptographic, blockchain and legal advisors team came together to build such an investment network where everyone from any part of world can invest in Real Estate, even with a $1 using the ESTATEin tokens. They can hence get benefits in profit of other cryptocurrency like ether or BTC.

Investment Strategies and Plans

ESTATEin brags of having an incomparable team of founders and advisors with wide-ranging experience and reputation in real estate business and investments. Our objective is to generate maximum and long-term profit for our investors. To do this we have selected some finest ways to invest in real estate and categorized them separately depending upon the type of investment, percentage of profit, type of investors (short term/ long term) and risk levels to make possible for every type of investor to get good returns.

ESTATEin real estate market expert team will pick up the best investment opportunities (low price buys to high price selling properties, apartments, shops, commercials and societies development, lending investment etc) available from every part of the world and tokenize them on ESTATEin-Investments for the ESTATEin token holders to invest. It is our work to find out the beneficial and profitable properties for our token holders, make it secure for our investors, extract and distribute profit under time constraint and risk. We classify ESTATEin-Investments as a main category of our platform where strategies and plans are developed by considering the benefit of our token holders which we in turn classify into different categories depending upon time span, investment, profit level and risk as follows:

  • i Lending-Investments
  • ii Buying/selling-investments
  • iii ESTATEin-Development and Investments
    • • Societies Development
    • • Commercial Buildings Development


Investment through lending money is a very well known prevailing way of investment to get profit without putting maximum effort. Lending investment for Real estate projects is one of the easiest and safest ways of investment. Such as through ESTATEin platform to earn profit with zero level of Risk. ESTATEin–lending investments allow the ESTATEin token holders to lend their money from $1 to maximum dollars as they want for any given period without the fear of incurring losses.

Lending money is one of the investment technique invented by ESTATEin team especially for the token holders who are not the risk taker but just want to store their wealth to earn interest. In lending-investment, you will lend your money to our platform which we will then invest in the Real Estate projects of ESTATEin. ESTATEin Real Estate projects will be listed in our ESTATEin-Development section along with their feasibility report prepared by our market investment expert team including anyone can also verify that report for its authenticity. Project details along with the all the Cost, Time duration, Interest calculator and Profit will be given in the feasibility report which will be different for different projects.

The token holders who will lend their money will get the fixed returns (interest) in terms of Ether after every month/three month/6 months/ yearly. The amount of interest will be higher than the existing interest rate given by any bank at that time and will depend upon how much any token holder invests in ESTATEin-tokens and for which duration. To secure your investments and to return your funds in the given time with profit is the responsibility and liability of ESTATEin. It will hence be mentioned in the terms and condition of lending-investment. ESTATEin provides a more liquid investment way through lending investment such as storing wealth with minimum amount in real estate assets with a fixed return without any risk.

TABLE with assumed values:

(EIT in $).
(paid in ether)
14% $1000 15 25% $10.41
14% $1000 30 30% $25.00
14% $1000 90 37% $92.50
14% $1000 180 48% $240.00
14% $1000 360 60% $600.00


Conventional interest rate is on the average current global interest rate, it is not fixed and its value will be changes accordingly, although all the profits (interest %) will be paid to lenders in the form of equalling current ether value. Interest(%) offer meant for lenders may increase 5% to 7% according to the ESTATEin projects demands.


Investment in buying/selling Real Estate assets is another ESTATEin unique technique and strategy prepared by our team for token holders to invest and get decent profit. We have already mentioned the details in ESTATEin-Buying/Selling that a verified global property (houses, shops, apartments, lands) of token holders will be listed. Hence ESTATEin-Investments offers the token holders to invest in these tokenized properties as well as other best available profitable properties from EUROPE AND ASIA which will be listed in the Buying/Selling-Investment by ESTATEin expert team.

Most of us experience that in everyone’s life there always come some good opportunities to invest and get profit but most of these opportunities are missed due to insufficient funds to buy or invest. The basic concept behind the Buying/Selling-Investment is to facilitate the people who have the opportunities but not have enough funds to invest. Buying/Selling-Investment provides such a beneficial platform for our token holders where they can invest minimum $1 to maximum dollars in the best given rated global properties. These properties will be available at a price lower than the market price but have good market value i.e. they can be sold out with profit.

Investment Opportunities, Listing and Selling

Buying/Selling-Investment has the aim to provide best investment opportunities to buy and sell out properties in profit. Our expertise will short list all the best available properties which already has been tokenized and listed on our ESTATEin-Buying/Selling category along with their verified documents. After short listing these properties Buying/Selling-Investment team will make evaluation report on ground reality and will do a comprehensive work on its sale and profit. Then, from these short-listed properties, we will select the best investment opportunities, whose buyer are already available in the market, within the approach of ESTATEin,. We will then list these selected properties on the Buying/Selling-Investment portion with all documents and details along with its purchasing value, market value (selling price), profit ratio, selling time period and other required information. Selling of all the properties listed in Buying/Selling-Investment category is the responsibility of our platform. In addition, we will also list the selected properties from all over the world which our team finds as a good investment opportunity. Our token holders can also submit any investment opportunities to ESTATEin if they find some beneficial profit around them along with all the details. We will examine these submitted opportunities on our own and if our experts find any of them beneficial we will tokenize them to invest and get profit.

Investment Procedure

Investing in the best available opportunities on Buying/Selling-Investment can be done through voting with ESTATEin tokens. ESTATEin tokens will be used for voting. Voting period for any listed investment opportunity will be limited to 15 to 30 days depending upon the price and type of the property. If voting period expires and required investment is not raised all the invested tokens in that specific property through voting will be return automatically to token holders. And if the required investment is raised before the voting time ends voting will be ended automatically and all the investment will be locked and ESTATin will purchase that property.

What is voting system and how will it work?

Vote represents the share and equity of token holders in the ownership of property. Token holders who vote with EIT tokens will represent their share in the ownership of that property. Token holder gets the percentage share of profit after the sale of property according to their percentage share in the ownership of property.

Let say 4 token holders A, B, C, D are willing to invest $100, $200, $300 and $400 respectively. They will be able to invest through voting and vote can be submitted only through EIT token i.e. 1 vote = 1 EIT and as more the no of votes higher will be the share in the ownership and profit of property.

Token holder A, B, C, D will invest $100, $200, $300 and $400 by depositing 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 EIT in property(X), which will be registered as a 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 votes respectively and represent the share of A, B, C, D in the ownership and profit explained with simple numerical example as follows

Let there is property = X

Purchasing price = $1000 = 10000 (EIT tokens). [1EIT = 0.1 USD

1USD = 10 EIT]

Let A invests = $100 = EIT 1000

B invests = $200 = EIT 2000

C invests = $300 = EIT 3000

D invests = $400 = EIT 4000

Total investment = purchasing price = $1000 = EIT 10000

Percentage share of A in the ownership and profit of property(X) = (100/1000) *100 = 10%

Percentage share of B in the ownership and profit of property(X) = (200/1000) *100 = 20%

Percentage share of C in the ownership and profit of property(X) = (300/1000) *100 = 30%

Percentage share of D in the ownership and profit of property(X) = (400/1000) *100 = 40%

Now let the property sold at Selling price = $1100 = EIT 11000

Profit = selling price – purchasing price

= 1100 – 1000

= $100 = EIT 1000

Profit of A = 10% of 100 = $10 (paid in ether)

Profit of B = 20% of 100 = $20 (paid in ether)

Profit of C = 30% of 100 = $30 (paid in ether)

Profit of D = 40% of 100 = $40 (paid in ether)


All the profit will be paid to investors in equalling ethers, along with EIT tokens which they invested.

We also want to mention that ESTATEin will invest 15% to 25% of total value of listed opportunity if required. To make investment procedures easy and simple to understand we have given the EXAMPLE below with assumed values for understanding. Let say there are multiple profitable properties (X, Y, Z) listed on Buying/Selling-Investment

TABLE with assumed values:

Properties Type Purchasing price ($) Market price ($) Profit margin ($) Voting period (days) Selling period (days)
X House 50000 60000 10000 10 7-9
Y Shop 100000 130000 30000 15 7-14
Y Apartment 200000 270000 70000 30 7-21


Profit will be distributed after selling period ends, with in the 5 to 7 business days

ESTATEin-Development and Investments

  • • Residential Societies Development
  • • Commercial Buildings Development

Real Estate Development practice factually has been viewed in the light of individual reimbursements. Real Estate Development reflects the need of every community and a strong instrument of transformation and revolution which affects the global world and its economies of scale. The new norm in Real Estate is Real Estate Development and Investment. According to McGraw-Hill Construction’s report, “World Green Building Trends—Business Benefits Driving New and Retrofit Market Opportunities in Over 60 Countries,” Client demand (35 percent) and market demand (33 percent) were the reasons the global green building market grew to $260 billion including an estimated 20 percent of all new U.S. commercial real estate projects.

ESTATEin uses the term Real Estate Development and Investment as Residential Societies development and Commercial building development. Our platform designed the ESTATEin-Development and Investment as a long term and high return investment category to match the market proficiency. ESTATEin team has a good and long experience of many years in development projects (societies and commercials) and already worked in China, Korea, Dubai, Thailand, and Europe. However, our ESTATEin-Development and Investment category is designed especially for our token holders underlying the decentralized, secured and profitable development and investment concept, with minimum $1 to maximum investment considering the time constraint. After a long discussion with our platform and network expertise we have limited the ESTATEin-Development and Investment to two types of investment in development projects for our token holders and investors i.e. Residential Societies and Commercial building developments (RS&C).


Commercial buildings consist of commercial-Shops, Apartments (one, two and three bed) and Offices, whereas, Residential Societies consist of different Plots (Commercial and residential plot of different sizes)

To make white paper simple and the concept easy to understand behind ESTATEin-Development and Investment we will not go into too much of the details like, what is development and investment in projects? But we will try to mention and summarize the concept of investment for token holders in high capital return development projects along with some necessary details and terms as follows

  • • ESTATEin-Development and Investment allow the token holders to invest in the tokenize development project be it a residential society development project or commercial building project with a minimum $1 to maximum listed by our professional real estate team in this category.
  • • Only token holders can invest in ESTATEin-Development and Investment projects (RS&C) through voting using the ESTATEin tokens. We have already given the details about voting system in Buying/Selling-Investments category. In this development category the voting period lasts for 30 to 45 days depending upon the required capital and the size of the project. If voting period expires and required investment is not raised all the invested tokens will be returned automatically to the token holders. And if the required investment is raised before the voting time ends voting will be ended automatically and all the investment will be locked up to the estimated time required from development to the selling process of project (RS&C), mentioned in the feasibility report.
  • • Any token holder can also submit a development project as per his/her demand and whichever is beneficial for his/her locality along with the feasibility report. We will review the report and send our team to that location for research. If our time finds it favourable we will also list that project in ESTATEin-Development and Investment category.
  • • The development process of any project (RS&C) will start after the required capital has been raised as mention in the feasibility report. Development process consist of five major steps
    • 1. Purchasing of project land
    • 2. Legal NOCs and documentation of project (approval)
    • 3. Construction of project
    • 4. Marketing of project
    • 5. Selling of project
  • • To develop and sell the project with profit with-in the period as defined in the feasibility report is our responsibility and liability along with the profit distribution. However for any reason of being delayed or failure of the on-going project, ESTATEin will be responsible who will in turn return the invested EIT tokens of any investor.
  • • ESTATEin will do 15% to 25% of investment in capital of every listed development project whose capital funding raised to 75% of required capital i.e. 75% to 85% share of listed project will be distributed to the token holders to invest. If demand of token holders to invest in specific project is higher than we will invest 15% of total capital for the benefit of token holders, otherwise we will invest 25% of total required capital.
  • • Our Audit and Project Management team will release the transparent progress report of project (whose required capital raised and development process starts). This report will be published weekly on Monday to keep our token holders updated (investors) about the development of project (RS&C).
  • • Token holders will get the percentage share of profit side by side along with the SALE of the project and according to their percentage share in the ownership of property. Keep in mind commercial and society will begin to sell after the land purchasing and legal approvals from local authorities. In most cases, before the starting of project development or with the start of project development whole ongoing project becomes sold.

(RS&C) Investment Strategy and Plan:

  • • Residential Societies Development
  • • Commercial Buildings Development

ESTATEin-Development and Investment offers the token holders to invest in the high return (RS&C) development projects which our professional team tokenize in this category. ESTATEin-Development and Investment team will determine which residential society and commercial is to be developed and in which country, state and region according to the need and demand of a real estate global market. Development projects require high and long-term capital which is difficult to rise for individuals. But our platform makes development projects (RC&C) achievable with success and high profit.

ESTATEin-Development and Investment team has made a lot of research on the need and desires of different global regions to figure out some development projects (RS&C) of high demand and make a verified feasibility report on it (verified feasibility report term means any one can test this report from his own experts even considering infield reality). Our platform will tokenize only those development projects (RS&C) in ESTATEin-Development and Investment category which we find beneficial, profitable, not too much time taking, need of people, high demand in market, fast selling even during development process of project and with high profit return to the token holder investors along with all the details in the verifiable feasibility report (capital required, cost of project, litigation, development process and time, NOCs, selling period, profit distribution and percentage , etc)