White paper


ESTATEin invests in real estate market in every parts of world. It’s a peer to peer platform where rental and sellers can tokenize their property and generate profit from it. Investors have very huge scope to invest and get benefits through ESTATEin. As we all know referral is very important strategy to market our product at a grand level. So, we introduce a five level referral commission program for our investors. This allows our members and investors to earn more money through this affiliate program. They need to invite their acquaintances, with that investors can generate additional earning for them and also for their referral.

The more referral you given to ESTATEin, the more commission you can earn. We have 5 level deep down referral programs through which you can earn up to 13% commission from your referrals investment even if you have no investment with us. At very first level you can get 7% of referral commission, at second level 3 % commission, next 2 % commission on third level and for fourth and fifth level you can earn 0.5% referral commission. So spread to the world about this beautiful opportunity and get benefited with this affiliate program.