White paper


What is Real Estate?

Let us debunk the general conception of real estate being all about houses. Because when we talk about Real Estate the first thing that comes to the mind of every individual are generally hoses in an in-built society. However real estate has much more to it than just the business of buying and selling rental property. Because the fact with real estate is vast and they include commercial stocks, private infrastructure and public infrastructure (schools, hospitals, roads, dams, bridges, airports and parks), places of work, commerce, worship, recreation, and physical environments as well as a wide range of business characteristics. In other words, we can say Real estate is property itself.

The general term of property means anything tangible asset that can be owned or possessed. However property (land, building or houses) can also include intangible assets (mortgage/lease agreements, financial claims, interests, patents, or trademarks etc).

To understand better the core of real estate let us classify and simplify to three basic ways.

First, to identify the tangible assets.

Second, to denote “rights”, associated with the ownership and use of the physical assets.

The third refers to business activities (operations, acquisition and disposition of the physical assets).

The magnitude of Real Estate is what makes real estate the largest component of wealth in our world. Almost half of the World’s wealth consists of Real Estate. Hence, real Estate plays an important role in shaping the economic conditions of society (individuals, families, and firms). The Real Estate market, participants and its features make Real Estate’s assets unique and become a symbol of independence, stability and strength, which significantly affect the living standards of life.

ESTATEin and Real Estate

Taking the whole outlook of real estate to the next level, ESTATEin is the next generation decentralized Real Estate smart contract based on the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology as we know has opened a whole new chapter of epoch-making with teams from all around the world reshaping every aspect of economy to the decentralized world. The basic concept behind the development of ESTATEin is to decentralize the Real Estate shared in the global economy. ESTATEin team has a Real Estate business background and has been working in the field since the past many years. This experience has driven ESTATEin to the conclusion that there are many things to be changed inorder to make Real estate beneficial for every individual, considering the common issues faced globally in Real Estate. Such as issues relating to landlord, investor, buyer/seller, rental, time problem, sale/purchase of household property or for business point of view,infrastructure development, agents, commissions, transactions fees, liquidity, registry, transfer of ownership and cross-border payments etc. As a result, the development of ESTATEin is focused on reducing the barriers in the Real Estate field.


ESTATEin team is building a platform which will provide effective, technical and beneficial ways to store or invest in the Real Estate and make possible for every individual to take profit/benefit from Real Estate even with or without investment in the Real Estate. In addition, all the transaction through ESTATEin token will be peer to peer, fast, secured and without a risk of loss. Now, the real question is, will it be possible? Because in present time almost every individual related to crypto-world have enough knowledge about blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum etc. Keeping in mind the awareness of the majority to such technologies, let us directly come to the ESTATEin, i.e. what ESTATEin provides?

ESTATEin is a decentralized application(DAPP), it will be built using Ethereum technology, specifically developed for Real Estate, that runs smart contract. According to Ethereum, these apps run exactly as they are programmed without fraud, third party involvement, censorship and downtime. Also, these are built on custom built blockchain that can move value and show ownership of property without involving the middleman and reducing the risk. Hence ESTATEin is a Tradeable digital token that can be used as a coin/currency, a share/asset representator or for proof of ownership etc. The advancement of ESTATEin will be seen in the various features and characteristics